"Jealousy" (accordion PRO)

Accordion Sheet Music

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The concert tango for accordion - "Jealousy" - very brilliant and famous tango. "Jealousie", is a tango written by Danish composer Jacob Gade in 1925. Its full title is Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane' (Jealousy 'Gypsy Tango' ) and it soon became popular around the world and is today a classic in the modern songbook. The music was published in 1925 by Gade and Warny in Denmark, then the following year in New York and Paris. Radio broadcasts and its use in 1930s films spread its popularity. The first recording was made in 1935 by the Boston Pops Orchestra, conducted by Arthur Fiedler, on the Victor label. Many others followed, often in highly different arrangements. Sheet music (in Bonus files), one melody track and one backing track (play along). The item consist of 1 PDF file, 1 melody track mp3, 1 backing track (play along) mp3. For full zoom of the sheet music just click the image.

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