"Bossa Dorado" (accordion PRO)

Accordion Sheet Music

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The famous guitar tune in exclusive adoption for accordion - "Bossa Dorado". Music by Dorado Schmitt . Composer and jazz performer Dorado Schmitt was born in St. Avold, in Lorraine, France on May 29, 1957. Since his childhood, thanks to his family's devotion to music, he became familiar with Gypsy jazz. His father taught him guitar from the age of seven, showing him the music of the prominent Gypsy jazz composer Django Reinhardt. Under this influence, he improved his style by playing all the music of the master, even the most technical solos, in order to perform the style perfectly. Moreover, his father introduced him to violin, and Dorado practiced it with similar skill. Sheet music (in Bonus files), one melodytrack and one backing track. The item consist of 1 PDF file (in bonus file), 1 melody track mp3, 1 backing (play along) track mp3. For full zoom of the sheet music just click the image.

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